“Actress Scarlett Johansson Bonds with Daughter Over ‘Home Alone 3’ Movie Night: Did She Pass the Recognition Test?”

Actress Johansson revealed to PEOPLE that she and her 6-year-old daughter, Rose Dorothy, enjoyed watching the classic movie from 1997 during a snow day while in quarantine. The actress shared this experience in a relaxed tone, and it was mentioned that the writer Glenn Garner has experience covering LGBTQ related topics and has published a book titled The Guncle Guide in 2020, which was featured on Katie Couric’s list of recommended books.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson recently shared her quarantine viewing experience, which included revisiting some classic movies from the ’90s. Even her own films were not off-limits during this period. In an interview with PEOPLE, the 36-year-old actress recounted how she spent a recent snow day watching Home Alone 3 with her 6-year-old daughter Rose Dorothy. They decided to watch the third installment after Rose fell in love with the first two Christmas classics starring Macaulay Culkin. Interestingly, Johansson made one of her earliest on-screen appearances in the sequel when she was only 11. However, she did not reveal this fact to her daughter and let her make the discovery on her own. Johansson found it amusing that her 6-year-old self did not remind her daughter of her present self.

Scarlett Johansson

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Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has been spending quality time with her family during the quarantine period. She has been enjoying this period with her daughter Rose and her husband, Colin Jost, whom she married in October. Apart from that, Scarlett is investing in Jason Karp’s company, HumanCo, and overseeing the brand Snow Days as their creative director. Snow Days has come up with a healthier version of frozen pizza bites. Scarlett states that she understands the need for convenience as well as nutrition, especially as a mother to a six-year-old daughter. Hence, it made sense for her to invest in such a brand. Scarlett’s aim is to create a trusted brand that tastes delicious and does not leave one feeling terrible. Additionally, Scarlett shares that getting her daughter to eat healthily has never been an issue, as she has always been open to trying different foods. Scarlett follows the “one bite rule,” which her mother also used when she was young. She believes that it’s essential to let kids discover food without making it feel like a chore.

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According to Johansson, she has never compelled her child to eat anything that she does not enjoy. She also does not hide any foods from her daughter to make her consume extra vegetables or fruits. Instead, Johansson believes in letting her child choose what she wants to eat. The actress shares her daughter, Rose, with ex-husband Romain Dauriac, and they co-parent their child together. They were married from 2014 to 2017.

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